As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I’m a big fan of the music by Danish singer Agnes Obel, who had a big hit with the song “Just So” in Germany when it was used for a Telekom commercial.
Since then I’ve had the chance to witness her stunning performances in Berlin, meet her personally, shoot an EPK (electronic press kit) and finally direct the new official music video for the re-release of “Just So”, which now appears on her debut album Philharmonics.
“Just So” by Agnes Obel
It was such an amazing opportunity to create the visuals for such a beautiful song and to work with such a talented artist as Agnes.
The shoot was personally special for other reasons as well: first of all is always a pleasure to do a job with Scott Solary, who produced this video; it was my first sizable job since returning to Germany after 15 years abroad; the projection footage I filmed in the little village that was my childhood home (the taxidermy animals were even borrowed from my elementary school!) and last but not least I got to work with a group of wonderful, hard-working people, whom I’m lucky to now call my friends.
With that in mind I want to thank everyone who helped create this video: Agnes Obel, Sven Hasenjäger, Scott Solary, Hana Hermann, Alex Zielke, Uwe Stark, Marisa Baptista, Nuno Barreiras, Olivia Bernhard, Asterix Westphal, Alex Brüel Flagstad, Maria Westphal, Jutta Rietschel, Elke Holzapfel and everyone at [PIAS] Recordings.
Agnes Obel is currently playing dates throughout Europe – shows are selling out very fast! Make sure you get your ticket in time.
By the way, the album is not yet available in the US. Maybe that’ll change…

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  1. Luci, fabulous piece of video/editing and the amount of work that has gone into it has to be acknowledged. You must be pleased with this. Ghough12

  2. Graham, I just saw your awesome comment. Thank you so much. Yes, I'm happy the way it turned out. Hopefully I'll get to make some more music videos soon.

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