Tomorrow I’m getting on a flight to Berlin, where Scott and I want to make a home for a while. The song that keeps coming to my mind is the same one that I kept humming 15 1/2 years ago when I was leaving Gainesville, Florida to return home to Germany for an undetermined amount of time: “Leaving On A Jet Plane” as performed by Peter, Paul and Mary.

Maybe it was more fitting then, because when I did come back to Florida a year later, I was wearing the ring on my finger and Scott and I were married 3 days later.

As uncertain as our future in Berlin is at this point – it’s a wonderful feeling to know that this time Scott will join me there (in a few weeks) and that I still wear that same ring. I’m a lucky lady! But in the meantime I will miss him and the cats and New York and my awesome friends tremendously. Thanks to everyone who has been celebrating our friendship in the last few weeks. I’m excited to see you again – wherever our paths cross next… back here in Brooklyn or maybe in Germany…

Of course I’m super psyched about being in Berlin. There are many great songs about the city, but I’d consider “Berlin” by Ideal the ultimate one.

Live in 1981:

… and the album version:

A great English song from the same year: “Berlin” by Fisher Z

Here’s something a bit more modern: “Dickes B” by Seeed

And because I still need to finish packing and I’m starting to get carried away with listening to Berlin songs, I better finish this blog post by saying: if you have extra time, check out these songs by Peter Fox, by Angelika Express and by Voxtrot

… and this one goes out to Scott again: “First We Take Manhattan” by Leonard Cohen (live on German TV in 1988 with German subtitles!) I cannot wait for our adventure!

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  1. we will miss you something fierce, though anticipate the adventures you have in store for you. xoxo

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