Incredibly fragrant lilac in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on Tuesday
It’s that time: the sun is shining, fresh air is blowing through the open window, maybe you’re getting on a flight to Germany on Tuesday (or sometime in the near future pending any further volcano outbreaks)… in any case: it’s time to sort through your closet, clean out the old clutter from your apartment and sweep behind the sofa. 
 Tulips in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Why not do the same on your Mac? 
A while back I was puzzled why my laptop only had about a gig of storage space left. What was cluttering up my hard drive? At the time, my filmmaker and Mac wizard friend Bo Mehrad recommended Tjark Derlien’s software Disk Inventory X, which you can download for free (although donations are welcome). 
Screen shot of colorful DiskInventory X
DiskInventory will scan your hard drive and, through a helpful graph, show you what kinds of stuff is taking up space on your hard drive. I was amazed to find out that I had dozens of gigs of storage space clogged up with sound files that were samples for the programs GarageBand and Soundtrack Pro – two programs I wasn’t even using. It felt so cleansing to delete all those unnecessary files… 
Happy Spring Cleaning!
Magnolia in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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