Three versions make this a timeless classic – but I suspect there are even more covers out there…
Just heard the very fun song “Wordy Rappinghood” by French artist Uffie (produced by DJ Mehdi) about something I truly love: words!
Turns out that the song is currently used in a rather quirky advertisement for Evian water. So some people may be over-exposed to that version already.
In any case, I personally prefer the following version…
In 2004 the artist collective and Germany-based band Chicks On Speed made this awesome version (and video):
But originally “Wordy Rappinghood” is by Tom Tom Club, the off-shoot of legendary Talking Heads. It appeared on their 1981 debut album Tom Tom Club.
A more recent live version (2008 – Japan):
A well-made behind-the-song video from Dutch TV:

Talking about words, I really need to get back to turning English words into German words in time for the screening of All God’s Children on Wednesday

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  1. Your sixth sense strikes again! I was downloading the original today… Haven't heard the Uffie before or seen the videos for CoS or the behind-the-song thing, so thanks. And props for repping both Germany and NYC!

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