Günter Westphal (left) at Münzplatz with friends

Okay, this photo from the current issue of American art magazine Art Papers really is “just” a photo of my dad (Papi to me, Günter Westphal to you) and friends – not actually a picture my dad, who is a photographer and social artist himself, has created.

He is sitting in front of Michel Chevalier’s store “Unlimited Liability” – which is the subject of the article you can read here.

The shop is located in the Münzviertel, the neighborhood tucked away behind the central train station of Hamburg, where my dad is very active in revitalizing the neighborhood, creating a community of artists and bringing on social change. While he is not mentioned in the article I suspect he may not be that innocent in making it possible or interesting to Michel Chevalier to open his shop in this eclectic neighborhood.

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