This week ReelerTV provides a glimpse into the upcoming 45th New York Film Festival.

The Warriors, Coney Island, Harvey Weinstein and Padre Nuestra all make the news.

We sit down with Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman, co-stars of Wes Anderson’s latest film The Darjeeling Limited.

Lisa Rosman from Flavorpill joins us in the lobby to talk about the grown-up side of Wes Anderson, how Ira Sachs blew it, the Cohen Brothers’ success and what’s wrong with Noah Baumbach.


2 Replies to “ReelerTV Weekly 07”

  1. a) – I don’t want the Warriors or Pelham remade, especially by Tony Scott. Maybe Abel Ferrara or even Spike Lee if anybody. I heard TC’s Warriors is supposed to be in LA, hence the use of cars, I assume, in the story, which ruins the whole point of getting back to your hood in one piece/the sense of a paranoid trek through the tightly packed Boroughs. And re: 123, Denzel as Walter Matthau? WTF? The whole point is that the guy is old and tired and an underdog and gets thrown into this hyper-real situation.

    b) – I agree with the other Lisa re: Baumbach.

    c) – Hey Luci, did Adrien Brody look devastatingly beautiful or way weirdo goofy in person? I’ve always imagined it would be one or the other.


  2. Unfortunately this week’s interviews fell into the category of “the publicist or whoever is in charge” insists on providing their own set-up, lighting and camera crew. Which is why they have that straight/square/expensive/TV look and not our friendly/familiar/natural lighting/bobbing hand-held look. Which of course sadly means that I met neither Adrien Brody nor Jason Schwartzman (who apparently isn’t only easy on the eyes, but also easy on the ears as I just realized when checking out his band’s MySpace site: ).

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