Alright, so I used to have regular journal-like postings on the Summersquash website – back when I thought we might go into production with that fiction feature film (triple alliteration – how about that for a first posting?), before I got distracted by all those documentary and most importantly before “blogs” existed. No name for those entries and certainly no comprehensive software.

Maybe once or twice I’ve meddled in
Scott’s blog for our documentary film All God’s Children on indieWIRE.

And there certainly has been the need to fix the spelling in our rescue cat Boxer’s
myspace blog quite a number of times.

But I still like to consider this My First Blog. And you may just be My First Blog Reader.

So, what’s the point of yet another blog? The same as everyone else’s: just my vain need to communicate my activities and opinions with anyone willing read. 🙂

But seriously, I will mostly focus on the activities of my and Scott Solary’s filmmaking activities at
Good Hard Working People. I hope to keep anyone who cares updated on what’s going on with our various projects as well as what else I think might be of interest in the entertainment/education media world.

Let me know how it’s working out for you – of course I’ll constantly tell you what I’m thinking.


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