As of today we’ve changed our company name from ein-blick productions (yes, it was brilliantly clever when I was 19 – it totally sucks if you don’t understand German) to Good Hard Working People.

All the paper work isn’t through yet… but we already have a new logo! That’s what’s most important, right? Mostly we’ll probably only use the top portion.

Do you like it?

(Don’t even tell me if you hate it – we just received the new business cards with the logo today.)

Oh, and we now have a blog, of course. I’m also working on our new website. And the first feeble attempts of creating a myspace site have been made as well. I’ll make a big announcement when those are all up and running. We might even get a mailing list together again.

By the way, it took a very long time to decide on Good Hard Working People. We’ve been meaning to replace ein-blick productions for a long time but just couldn’t find anything that worked for us. We had already used the web address for a few years because we liked the ring of it.

So finally we just gave up the search and went with the obvious: renaming our company after our website!

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