This is actually a very exciting time for us. And I’m not just talking about having a new logo (though that certainly is rather thrilling).

We are actually in the midst of finishing up our feature documentary All God’s Children. A few weeks ago we received a very generous donation from Rich and Maureen Philips, shortly followed by another pledge for a donation so that we are finally able to pay for sound design and color timing.

Knowing that the finish line is in sight we’ve been busy getting everything ready. we’ve been looking for some last-minute archival footage, researched statistics, put together all the credits, had another screening, fixed titles and of course made a bunch of last minute edits. While I’m writing this, Scott is fixing the last of the After Effects files that still seem to have some buzzing. Then we shall watch it one more time.

And tomorrow it’s off to Tom Lino for sound design. We are both very excited to be working with him. He did the sound design for “Green Lights“, a short we did eons ago – and I recorded a few lines of VO with him for Back and Forth Film‘s short film “The Tourist“.
We’re also indebted to our friend Ruth Hernandez and all her brilliant sound advice and help so far.

But that’s not all. In the middle of all these developments with the company and that documentary we are also flying to Oklahoma City on Saturday to continue production of “Five Sisters” – brand new documentary I began shooting this spring.

Loosely, it’s going to be a film portraying five sisters in their late 60s to early 80s centered around their first annual get-together since one of their husbands has died. It’ll be about the “greatest generation”, about sisterhood, about aging, about transition, about being alive and getting along – despite it all.

In OKC I’ll be filming some additional interviews with Beth, the youngest sister. Scott and I will also be making a short film for personal use of Beth and her husband telling us the stories of all their memorabilia as they’re getting ready to give most of those belongings away and transition into the next phase of their lives: retirement on the coast of Florida. Should be interesting and possibly provide some material for “Five Sisters” as well.

Now it’s time to watch “All God’s Children” again and see if there’s anything else that needs tweaking.

Oh, we haven’t settle on a post-house for color timing and mastering yet. Any suggestions?

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