YES! It finally happened: “All God’s Children” is picture-locked.
This means: No More Editing!
Well, at least no more picture editing. Tom Lino will be doing plenty of sound editing.
Scott is watching through the entire film one more time right now just to make sure no errors snuck in. I’m in the midst of preparing for our Oklahoma trip & shoot – but thought I should capture the current mile stone.

We started this journey in the summer of 2003 – when the Bearslees first told us about the abuse their children had suffered at the missionary boarding school they attended in Guinea while the parents worked as missionaries in West Africa. We shot our first interviews that fall – again with the Beardslee family. In April 2004 we received a Jerome Grant and the majority of production took place over the course of 2004. Two years later we are finally done cutting the film!

A very exciting but at times pretty tough journey. Today it’s clear again: it was all worth it!

The last two weeks of working on the film have been some of the most gratifying. Knowing that we finally had the money to really finish the film and that it would happen soon really got us motivated and inspired again and caused us to make some great and fresh decisions.

It always works like that, doesn’t it? … the last minute inspiration. It’s the best.
Now I can’t wait to see the film with all the sound work done…

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