After switching planes in Detroit (and once again admiring the fountain in Terminal A – and the psychedelic tunnel leading to Terminal C) we made it to Oklahoma City on Saturday night – even though one of the flights was in those claustrophobic Canadair Regional Jets (you know, the ones that have less seats than a Greyhound bus).

Beth, who is one of the “Five Sisters” and her husband Bill picked us up and took us straight to the Nikz – a slowly revolving restaurant/bar with an amazing view of Oklahoma City. Our next stop was the swanky Waterford Marriott where I stepped on a nail (it made it through my shoe, but not far into the foot). Yup, you guessed it, the very next day I had to get a tetanus shot at an urgent care clinic. My arm still hurts a bit – but I’m glad to report that it didn’t interfere with our filming today.

Sunday we got to have a fine brunch at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art Cafe and meet more of Beth’s family.
Like so often I became aware of how lucky I am to be making these films and therefore travel, experience so many different places and meet such wonderful people.
We also checked out the very nice art house theater of the museum (ahh, wouldn’t it be nice to show a film there one day…). They were showing Terry Gilliam’s Tideland. I can’t wait to see it.

We ventured on into the museum where they have a permanent Chihuly exhibit (I had recently seen the big pieces in the Bronx Botanical Garden but actually enjoyed these smaller lighted pieces and their reflections and channeled lights onto walls and floors much better) and the fascinating art video “Der Lauf der Dinge“. We toured more of Oklahoma City, including the the memorial for the Oklahoma City bombing. A sad place, for sure, but a moving, peaceful and appropriate memorial. I wish they’d get it together in New York.

Another highlight have been the great discussions we’ve had with Beth and Bill. Again, it’s what I love about making documentaries and about traveling – all the conversations, exchanges, contemplations, questions, theories, learning, sharing, maybe even the breakthroughs – and certainly the plans how to better this world!

And today we even got some work done, too!
We mainly captured Beth and Bill’s house and all the the items (pictures, furniture, etc.) that represent them and their history. They are getting ready to store and give away a lot of their possessions and memorabilia as they transition to a new phase in their lives. It’s been fascinating and a lot of fun.

Today we filmed the first half of the house (interrupted by Southern BBQ at County Line, a former speakeasy set up like a horse stable). We plan to finish that up tomorrow. Then Wednesday I’m planning to film an additional interview with Beth. I’ve been shooting around the house all handheld (for easier movement and efficiency) – so I’m looking forward to just letting the camera rest on the tripod for the interview.

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