Tired again. Signs of yet another productive day.
We almost finished everything I wanted to shoot around the house. For the “items/memorabilia” alone I finally used a mono-pod – which should still match the “talking footage” but was a bit more steady. I find mono-pods very limiting – pretty much as limiting as a tripod when it comes to fluid movements. But at least I can move the camera and pod itself faster.

Another great lunch. This time at The Coach House, where we sat near a Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice. Beth and Bill have really taken great care of us – including all their hospitality and culinary indulgences at their house.

Tomorrow we’ll wrap up the house and then Beth and I will sit down for our interview. I anticipate that we might do another interview in the future – when I’ve actually had a chance to get a cut of “Five Sisters” together and know better what else I might need. The time was just right to catch her in her current house and during this time of transition to a simpler, scaled down life as a retiree.

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