This will be a short one. Turns out our flight back to NY is at 7:20am tomorrow – we’ll have to get up in 5 hours. And it’s been a long but wonderful day of shooting. We did a few pick-ups this morning from things not quite right the day before. For one I decided to go with a tripod for all the items, pictures, furniture after all – even though “the tour” was handheld.

Then finally Beth and I were able to sit down for the interview bit. It was great. My questions focused a lot more on aging, this new phase of her life and the transition. Her answers and thoughts were fascinating and gave me a big new boost for the whole direction of “Five Sisters“.

Later we went over to the house of her daughter Reta and her family for a wonderful dinner. I did a little bit of B-roll filming there and eventually got to capture some family discussion and a short Reta interview as well. I am so thrilled about it.

We also watched the short fundraising trailer for “Five Sisters” which is always unnerving, since it’s just a short introduction of characters and setting and not a real trailer or anything truly comprehensive. But the reactions from the family were very moving. If nothing else there’s a few dozen grandchildren who’ll be interested in the finished film. LOL.

Obviously this has been a wonderful trip all together – both personally and professionally (and culinary). I’m only sorry we didn’t have time to see some cowboys… and take pictures to post in the blog.

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