Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds is returning with a 15th studio album (Push The Sky Away) in February. Considering how beautiful, simple and moving “We No Who U R”, the first lead track off the album, is, I suspect that yet another Nick Cave album will quickly become one of my favorites.

But the reason why I’ve chosen this song to be the Monday Music song for today is because I was looking for something meaningful and fitting after I found out that yet another special person passed away yesterday. I often like to pick the weekly song in connection.

I have decided to write a separate post to pay more of a tribute. 

But for now I am struck how fitting this moody song seems about what is larger than us and about forgiveness and about knowing someone even if you don’t interact directly. 

If you are anywhere but in Germany you can watch the other official video by Gaspar Noe HERE. If you are in Germany you can watch it HERE.  

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