Raptors at ELC / Rocky Mountain Raptor Program – In A Colorado Minute (Week 223)  

The raptors living at the CSU Environmental Learning Center have all been rescued by the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program.

at the center, I got to see and film a Golden Eagle, a one-eyed Bald
Eagle, a Swainson’s Hawk, and two Red-Tailed Hawks. Because the fence is
very tight, only my iPhone camera lens would get shots without showing
the fence. By chance, the battery in my Canon camera was drained anyway.

Considering how large the birds and the talons are, I believe it makes
everyone feel more comfortable that the fence is strong and tight –
especially when one’s fingers are holding a camera directly to the

While the video might not look like much, a trip to the
Environmental Learning Center is definitely worth it. Seeing these birds
up-close in real life is very impressive. And there’s something very
nice about knowing that these are not zoo animals displayed for your
pleasure but rescued animals, which wouldn’t survive in nature on their
own anymore.

This video is dedicated to Anne Hanson of knitspot,
who checked out the center while she visited me recently and inspired me
with her photos. She’s a great supporter of my web series – and I’d
like to thank her officially for all the encouragement and support with
this video. Please take a minute and watch the interview I shot with
Anne during her stay – you may just feel inspired as well: Meet Anne Hanson (of knitspot) – In A Minute Portrait (Week 219)

The music used in this video is the song BIRD IN HAND by Jason Shaw. It’s available for free via the Free Music Archive with a CC BY 3.0 license.

One-eyed bald eagle at the Environmental Learning Center / Rocky Mountain Raptor Program in Fort Collins, Colorado

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