Rise of the Super Moon – In A Colorado Minute (Week 224) 

When, on Tuesday night, we went out to watch and capture the Perseid
Meteor Shower, it was the Super Moon rising, who stole the show. Even
though I had already shot and planned another video for this week, I
thought I’d go ahead and share this capture of the moon rising and some
photos I took that night of the moon and the stars.

I hope this
will inspire you to take a nice person, or just yourself, out to a place
with some open space and watch the moon rise. When it’s this big, it’s
quite amazing how quickly it rises and how it lifts your spirits and

To show you the moon rise in less than a minute, I
sped the video up by 750%. The moon was already waning when I shot this.
Maybe one of these days, I’ll capture it when it’s full.

If you watch a lot of my videos, you’ve probably noticed that I use songs by Josh Woodward
a lot, who makes his music freely available. Up until this point, I’ve
always used instrumental versions of his songs because it’s usually
easier to edit to, sometimes the combination of lyrics and images feels
too much on the nose and sometimes the lyrics just don’t fit the images.
This week, for the first time,

I’m using a version with lyrics – of the
song “Shadows in the Moonlight.” He has a really nice voice and I like
the message of the entire song a lot. Check out the full song (available
under an Attribution License) here: http://www.joshwoodward.com/song/ShadowsintheMoonlight

but not least, if you enjoyed watching this moonrise, please check out
the (more impressive, in my humble opinion) moonrise video from last
year: Harvest Moonrise Time-Lapse – In A Colorado Minute (Week 178).

Super Moon rising over the Rocky Mountains Foothills near Fort Collins, Colorado

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