Poudre River Swim – In A Colorado Minute (Week 225) 

The Cache la Poudre River is
a refreshing oasis that snakes its way through Fort Collins, Colorado.
It’s just a quick bike ride from our house, and it’s been our quick
go-to refreshment spot during these very busy and sweltering weeks.

you live in Fort Collins, it’s blazing hot and you don’t have time to
drive up into the mountains, I highly recommend a Poudre River swim!

times we meet up at the river with one of our oldest and dearest
friends, GJ, and of course our dog Whiskey always comes along and is the
first one in the cool, rushing water. The day I shot this video, she
actually learned how to swim against a strong current – or maybe it was
just the day she proved to us she could do it all along.

A special
thank you to GJ for letting me use his underwater camera and for being
such an awesome friend and all the fun times together. I think this
video could also have been called “Buddies Go Swimming” since it
features Scott, GJ and Whiskey, who are clearly all best buddies. Can’t
wait for our next outing together.

The song featured in the video is the instrumental version of “Incoherent” by Josh Woodward. his song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 US License. Thank you, again and again, Josh!

If you have another minute, I’d like to recommend the video of a different adventure we’ve had in and along the Poudre River: “(Flooded) Poudre Trail – In A Colorado Minute (Week 214)”

Cache le Poudre River in Fort Collins, Colorado

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