Against Me! at Terminal 5 – June 8
A slightly different Music Monday post because this is not a regular music video, but a live performance I was lucky to witness (and record) myself.
Amazing moment when Joan Jett + Laura Jane Grace (formerly known as Tom Gabel) with all of Against Me! play The Replacements song “Androgynous” at Terminal 5 in NYC on June 8.

Wish I had also recorded Laura Jane Grace announcing that she was going to sing a cover song because “First of all I’m a transsexual” and the whole room erupted in cheers. Such a wonderful moment! (The second reason was because she loves The Replacements) The performance of the song was such a beautiful celebration of gender liberation and kick-ass music!
Slightly unrelated: Not recorded was the pleasure I got from standing in a NYC concert venue and hearing a band originally from Gainesville, Florida play a song against those anti-abortion white crosses that appear in Gainesville and other places on a regular basis. It’s fascinating how good it feels when you experience that sense of connection over space and time with complete strangers. 
It also felt like that a little bit as well when Joan Jett came on stage and I thought: hey, haven’t seen you since 6/6/6 at South Paw. Sometimes life just seems to be a collection of special memories – most exciting when you’re in the midst of creating such a memory.
If you want to hear, watch and read more, I had just written about Tom Gabel becoming Laura Jane Grace and the music of Against Me! a few weeks ago HERE. By the way, they did play all my favorite songs. Thanks!

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