Kathleen Pushes Enterprise

Wow, I know I’m spreading myself too thin and doing too many things if I actually overlooked posting my weekly 1-minute video here on my blog. This has never happened in over two years of weekly posts.

So now as bit of a bonus, I’ll go ahead and post two videos: the 1-minute “In A Brooklyn Minute” version and an extended version, which will now officially kick of my “Moving Postcard” series (slightly less regular extended versions of my minutes). Also, only slightly official, because I haven’t had the time yet to build the website… or put up a temporary page. Oh time, why won’t you be my friend? 

This week the space shuttle Enterprise sailed up the Hudson River and
was hoisted onto the Intrepid Museum (an old aircraft carrier). I
happened to get a front row spot and suddenly had the crazy notion to
spend 4 hours in the blazing sun to film how every little screw was

Here you see the whole event squeezed into one minute:

Space Shuttle Enterprise Lands on the Intrepid – In A Brooklyn Minute (Week 110) 

The music featured is a classic musical experiment by Jason Matherne called “Time Space Scrootle Doottle”: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Goonygoogoo-Productions/321663465094

The longer version is without music: 

Space Shuttle Enterprise Sails + Lands on Intrepid – New York from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

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