This “Queen of The World” video goes out to the Queen of Fun, Jessica Gould, who went to see Ida Maria with me last night at Mercury Lounge.

Ida Maria dedicated the show to the passengers and crew of Flight 1549, who so miraculously came away mostly unscathed after the emergency landing in the Hudson River. (I particularly like the quote at the end of the NY Times article “The pilot must have been both talented and charmed.”)

For the show to have taken place on this day and her acknowledging the fact, made an otherwise short but fantastic show, something even more memorable. It did bring up some memories of seeing Travis so shortly after 9/11 (all others had canceled and rescheduled) and them acknowledging that this was probably the first time most of has had been out and in a crowd since that day – among many other thoughtful remarks in-between songs. It’s a tremendous memory.

But that was a different experience, of course, in a very different time. Yesterday became all about the bright side even in the dark times and the joy and surviving and life experienced fully. So here then for the Queen of Fun, “Queen of The World” by Ida Maria. has an accurate review and pictures of last night’s show (only leaving out the oddly corporate-looking audience – is there some marketing tie-in I’m missing?). Also Ida Maria is playing again tonight at Union Hall.

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