Apparently, on January 2, 2009 the Christian and Missionary Alliance first posted an open letter to all MKs (missionary kids) apologizing to those MKs who have been abused. The letter links directly from the front page and will also appear in Alliance Life Magazine, the C&MA’s magazine.

This is an open letter of apology from the Board of Directors of The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) to all who were victims of abuse, including those identified in the Final Report of the Independent Commission of Inquiry in April 1999 and in the course of other investigations. It is the intent of the C&MA to express its deepest regrets for the significant trauma that you experienced during your most impressionable years…

Our documentary All God’s Children focused on the abuse that took place at one of the C&MA’s boarding schools (Mamou Alliance Academy). In the course of the film former students express their frustration with the Church’s previous apology and other actions (or lack thereof).

It seems striking that the C&MA published such a public apology now, immediately after the official release of our DVD. But maybe it has more to do with increased activism by MKs, maybe specifically activism through the organization MK SafetyNet (founding members are featured in the documentary).

However most interesting might be if former students will be satisfied with this public apology or if they will continue to demand more investigations into the alleged abuse at other boarding schools. And what about the other Churches and mission-sending organizations that are receiving reports of similar cases of child abuse?

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  1. As a former member and pastor within the C&MA I can understand the questions you ask as to the timing. Perhaps your film helped focus attention. Perhaps the popularity of "The Shack" by William Paul Young who was one of those MK's and whose abuse at a boarding school factors into his tale, is a part of it.

    I remember when the original report came out in the late 1990's and at that time there was remorse expressed for the finding and also financial support provided for some for counselling and wondered at that time if a more formal apology or statement would be made.

    It's hard to know exactly why things are timed as they are and it's easy to draw conclusions as to timing where hurt still remains.

    I'm glad the statement has been made. I hope those still hurting will take advantage of the opportunity to continue the dialogue with the C&MA board.

    I pray those MKs still carrying the scars of these experiences will find peace in their own hearts. I know from experience that part of that healing comes from extending foregiveness as well as speaking the truth of the past.

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