After an intense few weeks of locking picture, getting the cut to the sound editor/mixer, reshooting some titles, reshooting some titles again, experimenting with codecs and uprezzing and exports, testing aspect ratios (deciding to go with 4:3 regular over all 16:9 or uprez options), collecting all credits and music info, getting some new last-minute music, and finally a mad dash 4-day marathon where days blended into nights or the other way around and all with the help of my amazing husband, Scott, I’m very proud to announce: we burnt the final DVD this morning and All’s Well and Fair is finished!!!

Well, sort of. The documentary still needs the final sound mix and color correction pass. But for sound the film is in the trusted hands of sound man Tom Lino, who already designed and mixed the sound for All God’s Children and Scott will take care of the color correction.

It’s just a matter of time and I can finally show you this labor of love…

Thank you to everyone who helped get this film together – but especially to Scott!

Scott outside in the cold re-shooting some of the titles while I got to write them inside the warm house.

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